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Soil conditioners

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Sinergy correctors

gama correctores de carencias

Deficiencies correctors

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Self-defense inducers

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Crop cycle

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Mission accomplished. DISPER Bloom improves the flowering and cocoa fruit setting

According to the National Association of Cocoa Exporters – Ecuador, Anecacao, only 0.1% of the total number of flowers produced by a cocoa tree are fertile. If in addition, unfavorable climatic conditions are given, the flower does not settle and falls. But the DISPER products were created to solve specific problems. We designed a trial that would evaluate the effectiveness of DISPER Bloom GS as a treatment for fruit development and setting,  to improve the viability of pollen, its germination and vitality to reach the ovary, the fertilization of the ovules and fruit setting as a result of a better pollination.


Research in black Sigatoka. Laboratory test in in vitro culture yields hopeful results.

Black Sigatoka is perhaps the most severe disease that banana producers have to deal with. Its destructive impact drastically decreases the yield of the crop and supposes important economic disbursements for the control treatments.

In DISPER we decided to determine the incidence of DISPER Cu MAX, our 100% soluble copper product of zero residue, on structures of Mycosphaerella fijiensis (causal agent of the disease) in in-vitro crop.

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DISPER, more than a brand

DISPER is the symbol of those agricultural nutrients that are modernizing the agriculture thanks to its advanced manufacturing technology and its exclusive mechanism of dissolution that guarantees the absence of lumps.

Our clients say

  • “When we ask Eden to prepare an order (especially the urgent orders) that means Eden will prepare and ship the order with unprecedented speed. This helps  you to be in the market all the time, without that bad gap when your customers ask you about a product and you can not provide ithave to say it’s not available. Also, this will help you to stay the leader in the market and don’t allow other products to take the place of your products.”

    Abed Barqawi – Palestine
  • “The products have high quality and sophistication, and are designed not only to solve problems but also for the plants to achieve maximum productivity. In all these years that DISPER have been distributed in the Greek market, farmers have given us only satisfactory comments. They associate the name DISPER with products that do what they promise.”

    Kostas Alexandropoulos – Greece
  • “For several years we have been working with Eden Modern Agriculture and we are fully satified.
    Their support and the quality of the products have helped us to expand our business. Their strategy, based on quality makes us feel that there is a secure future.”


    Kostas Alexandropoulos – Greece