Sustainable agriculture and oriented towards products that protect both the environment and human health are here to stay. The DISPER brand was born long before the take-off of organic farming and at that time we were already thinking of the values of organic certifications;low environmental impact, low doses, optimal packaging management, saving in transport and storage, and protection and respect for the health farmers.


In the world, almost 72 million hectares are managed ecologically by 186 countries and three million farmers exclusively dedicated to organic crops.

When farmers apply DISPER granules, they are betting on visible, effective results, on a real solution to a problem.

Throughout our history, several prestigious and rigorous ecological certifiers such as BCS or Sohiscert, have supervised our processes to make us deserving of the seal that guarantees compliance with the regulations to certify us as products suitable for use in organic crops.

Ecological certification productWe wanted to make it easier for our clients to identify a DISPER product certified for organic farming by means of a generic logo visible throughout the range. The new logo, exclusive to the DISPER brand, will be displayed on the packaging. In a quick glance, the client will know that behind this badge is the support of different companies that have verified our compatibility and commitment to organic farming with a magnifying glass.