WE KNOW EXACTLY what product you need At DISPER we have an advanced search engine that allows our clients to know exactly what product they need in certain situations linked mainly to the health and maintenance of their crops.
Select the type of search you want to perform

You can perform different types of search according to the needs of your crop. In this way you can search for the most suitable product for your crop and know directly the recommended dose and its characteristics. In the same way you can search directly by product or even by the phenological state of the crop.

Our products


It is a line of products aimed at improving soil properties and crop development.


Mix of chelating and complexing agents that produce a synergistic effect and improve absorption.

Deficiency correctors

Line of chelated trace elements that prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies in crops. It produces a synergistic effect and improves absorption.

Self defense inducers

Designed to induce natural defense mechanisms in crops and cope with stress situations.

Crop cycles

Products specially designed for each of the stages of the cycle of your crops.