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The FAO has been warning for years that groundwater contamination is one of the most important problems in developed countries and that it can be seen more and more in developing countries. Chemical fertilizers have been used on a large scale without thinking about the consequences. Fertilizer contamination occurs when fertilizers are used in greater amounts than a crop can absorb or when they are removed by water or wind from the soil surface before they can be absorbed. The excesses are dragged by water courses or infiltrated through groundwater and this nutrient overload causes eutrophication, giving rise to a massive generation of algae that suppress other plants and consequently aquatic animals, causing a problem of incredible dimensions (a clear and current example of this is the problem of the “Mar Menor” in the Region of Murcia, south of Spain).

Soil salinity and its devastating consequences for crops

In addition, soils must be as productive as possible and must be cared for against problems such as erosion, pollution, salinity, etc.Soil salinity refers to the high concentration of salts in the soil and the origin of these can be naturally or due to incorrect agronomic management that increases the concentration of salts in agricultural production. The areas where the most saline conditions are usually present are arid areas, with irrigation and along the coast.

Changes on the new European fertilizers regulation

The continuous development of new fertilizer products implies that these standards are in continuous adaptation, so that, as they are products, increasingly demanded by the consumer, they continue to be protected by the two legislative frameworks already discussed (the European and the national).

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DISPER, more than a brand

DISPER is the symbol of those agricultural nutrients that are modernizing the agriculture thanks to its advanced manufacturing technology and its exclusive mechanism of dissolution that guarantees the absence of lumps.

Our clients say

  • “When we ask Eden to prepare an order (especially the urgent orders) that means Eden will prepare and ship the order with unprecedented speed. This helps  you to be in the market all the time, without that bad gap when your customers ask you about a product and you can not provide ithave to say it’s not available. Also, this will help you to stay the leader in the market and don’t allow other products to take the place of your products.”

    Abed Barqawi – Palestine
  • “The products have high quality and sophistication, and are designed not only to solve problems but also for the plants to achieve maximum productivity. In all these years that DISPER have been distributed in the Greek market, farmers have given us only satisfactory comments. They associate the name DISPER with products that do what they promise.”

    Kostas Alexandropoulos – Greece
  • “For several years we have been working with Eden Modern Agriculture and we are fully satified.
    Their support and the quality of the products have helped us to expand our business. Their strategy, based on quality makes us feel that there is a secure future.”


    Kostas Alexandropoulos – Greece