bioestimulantes solubles de alta calidad

We are specialized in creating products of vegetal nutrition. The manufacturing technology that we use for DISPER products is exclusive to our company.

It is based on the formulation of granules 100% soluble in water (WSG and fluid bed technology), which facilitates its manipulation and application. Thanks to its exclusive mechanism of dissolution and due to it being exempt of powder, they do not form lumps.

They are of suitable use for both irrigation and pulverization systems. It is precisely this feature (the granulation) and being powder-free, which grants our products a privileged position over other formulations that exist nowadays on the market, that have a clear tendency to change.

The high concentration of each product allows the reduction of packaging which helps physical effort to the farmer and avoids him to have large spaces free to keep their provisions; it also avoids inconvenients when eliminating residues.

DISPER Products

For the function and composition, DISPER products are classified by five categories:

gama acondicionadores de suelo

Soil conditioners

Products aimed for the improvement of soil properties and crop development.

gama sinergy

Sinergy correctors

Products with a specific combination of chelating and complexing agents that produce a synergistic effect, allowing the absorption.

gama correctores de carencias

Deficiencies Correctors

Line of chelated trace elements that prevent and correct nutritional deficiencies in crops.

gama inductores de defensa

Self-defense inductors

Specifically designed to induce natural mechanisms of defense in crops to cope with stress.

gama ciclo de cultivo

Crop cycle

The products are specially designed for each stage of the crop.


The DISPER products are commercialized in Spain by EDEN AGRO and exported by EDEN MODERN AGRICULTURE, both companies belonging to Indalva Group S.L.