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These are opinions and testimonies of some of our clients and distributors around the world. 

Customer service

  • “The most important point in the shipping procedures is the documents. If you have any mistake in the documents, that means the shipment must wait on the port  until correcting the mistakes (of course will cost you a demurrage charges) or maybe crossing authority refuse and reject the shipment. We work with Eden a long time ago, I can confirm that we didn’t face any problem in the documents during this long period.”

    Abed Barqawi – Palestine
  • “When we ask Eden to prepare an order (especially the urgent orders) that means Eden will prepare and ship the order with unprecedented speed. This helps  you to be in the market all the time, without that bad gap when your customers ask you about a product and you can not provide ithave to say it’s not available. Also, this will help you to stay the leader in the market and don’t allow other products to take the place of your products.”

    Abed Barqawi – Palestine

Product performance

  • “The two products we are selling are very effective and this has been noticed from the repeated sales.

    Our clients are happy about the performance of the two products.”

    Badreldin Gadalla – Sudan
  • “The products have high quality and sophistication, and are designed not only to solve problems but also for the plants to achieve maximum productivity. In all these years that DISPER have been distributed in the Greek market, farmers have given us only satisfactory comments. They associate the name DISPER with products that do what they promise.”

    Kostas Alexandropoulos – Greece
  • “Actually, from our experience with your products, we can say that almost all the farmers who use your products are satisfied with the result obtained as they can feel the result clearly after 2 or 3 days in their plants and moreover they don’t face any problems in the solubility in water”

    Musa A. from Arabs Emirates

Product efficacy

  • “We have asked our sales people in most  areas of Afghanistan and they told us that farmers say DISPER products are the best. We are very happy to hear those comments about your brand. Now, our next project is to expand our business to other countries such as Tayikistan”

    Faisal Zabihi- Afghanistan
  • “For several years we have been working with Eden Modern Agriculture and we are fully satified.
    Their support and the quality of the products have helped us to expand our business. Their strategy, based on quality makes us feel that there is a secure future.”


    Kostas Alexandropoulos – Greece