Motivated by our desire of sustainability and conscience for a preventive attitude, we decided to include the environmental variable in our managerial mechanisms, what leads us in obtaining important certificates in this matter.


The DISPER products certified by BCS as suitable for organic farming are:

  • DISPER Alghum GS
  • DISPER Chelate Plus GS
  • DISPER Complex GS
  • DISPER Fer 6% GS
  • DISPER Humic
  • DISPER Zn Sinergy

BCS Certificate

In order to promote a healthy agriculture, we decided that our products should be suitably certified for the use in ecological agriculture. The German company BCS, number 1 in World Ecological Certifications, has granted its stamp of guarantee to the majority of our products, endorsing our quality, rigour and commitment for the organic agriculture.

The DISPER products certified by Eco LOGICA  as suitable for organic farming are:

  • DISPER Ca Sinergy
  • DISPER CaB Sinergy
  • DISPER Cu Max
  • DISPER Humifer
  • DISPER Mg Sinergy
  • DISPER Humic
  • DISPER ZM Sinergy
  • DISPER Osmotic
  • DISPER Sizero Zitios

Eco LOGICA certification

Eco-Logic Certificate Eco-LOGICA is the first Central American certification agency accredited by the United States government, which implies that all agricultural products certified by Eco-LOGICA, in compliance with the standards of this market.