400 million hectares are affected by salinity problems worldwide.

Hydric stress, problems in the cell division and root development, toxicity, low yields and deterioration of soil structure are some of their consequences.

Traditional products, which are based on calcium and usually have incompatibilities, focus their effect on trying to remove the sodium existing in soil by exchanging it for calcium. However, we emphasize that the sodium is not the only element that takes part in saline stress and it is impossible to replace it completely.

DISPER Osmotic GS is the result of an investigation in collaboration with several research institutions. It is a biostimulant specifically designed for the plant to overcome the problems of salt and water stress.

DISPER Osmotic GS was designed after an exhaustive process of research and selection of molecules of high osmoregulatory activity (ORT technology) chosen specifically due to their well-differentiated mechanisms of action, which places the product as a true innovation in the market of products for saline stress. Thanks to this technology of osmoregulation, the product is able to relieve both salt stress, water stress and high radiation.


DISPER Osmotic GS is formulated in GRANULES totally soluble in water with Fluid Bed technology (WSG-FB), of easy manipulation, being able to be used in all types of irrigation systems, since they are free of powder and do not form lumps.

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Thanks to the specific osmoregulator components, carefully selected during the investigation process, DISPER Osmotic GS produces the following effects in the crop:

  •  It allows the plant to develop in saline conditions, with less stress.
  •  It allows the removal of the ions that contribute more to soil salinity
  •  It increases the vegetative growth and the neck thickness of the plant
  •  It improves the nutritional balance at foliar level
  •  It increases the production and enhances the quality of the crop

Additional information

DISPER Osmotic GS must be applied by fertigation, from the earliest stages and during all the crop cycle. Unlike traditional products, it is not necessary to wash the soil after the application of the product, due to its osmoregulator function.

DISPER Osmotic GS, should be applied from the first stages. The dose will depend on the salinity level, the soil texture and the own crop tolerance to salinity. General dose is 1-2 Kg/ha monthly. On soils with severe salinity problems, apply dose of 2-4Kg/ha monthly. Distribute the quantity applied per month in several applications (every 7-15 days). The first application should be done up to double dose regarding the one applied during the cycle.
In spray application or blanket application, increase the dose up to 15% and 30% respectively.

DISPER Osmotic GS is compatible with common agrochemicals. The dose must be applied depending on the salinity level, soil texture and crop characteristics (sensibility, handling, etc.). For further information, consult our technical data sheet and dossier.

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