We started the year with good news.

Most of the DISPER products have just received the Sohiscert certification which guarantees their use as suitable in organic farming.

The certification is the result of a long and exhaustive process of providing technical information in which the certifier verified that the ingredients contained on DISPER products (those for which registration was requested) are of natural origin and comply with the requirements of European legislation for organic farming; Ensures the traceability of raw materials and requires our suppliers to use components of plant origin, as well as the essential verification that in no case are there any genetically modified ingredients and on the contrary, are harmless to human health and friendly to the environment.

The 43.7 million hectares dedicated to ecological agriculture worldwide (the latest data from 2016), show the unstoppable positive trend in recent years to manage land for the cultivation of organic products. This undeniable fact makes our ecological certification from being a plus to becoming a covered demand for our customers and allow us to compete in markets that value quality and environmental sustainability.